woensdag 9 januari 2013

Arrived !

Yesterday i arrived safely in Japan. I just woke up in my hotelroom in Osaka. My internet is stil not what it should be, so this is more of a try-out. 
my big bird
I did sleep off most of my huge jetlag, but still i woke up early. Must be my biological clock that didn't adjust yet... :)

After a safe, but véry long trip in wich i nearly missed my connecting flight in Dubai because of a delay in Amsterdam, i finally arrived here.

My first Japan experience was right at the airport, when almost all 400 passengers of my plane had to be stacked in a too small train which brings you to baggage claim. I know now how sardines in a can must feel... :)

tourist informationdesk Kansai
Getting into the country couldn't be any easier, well for my anyway ! After immigration, which took me about 7 seconds or so, (they take your fingerprints and photo) i changed my money at the money office, which is located right behind the customs area. And about 20 meters from there, you'll find the tourist information desk. They were very helpful there to answer all my questions.

So here i am, in my hotelroom, dying for a coffee (which i am gonna get in a minute), and with a trainticket to Taiji in my pocket.
I can't wait to meet my fellow cove guardians !!!

So my next blog will be from there.
Take care.

Love, Willem

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Take care Willem!!! xx Lisa

  2. Cool to hear!!! Take care sweety Greetz Susanne

  3. Leuk om een beetje mee te reizen zo. Top, die foto's ook, meteen een beeld erbij. I like! ;-)


  4. Succes Willem...you are in our minds.
    greetzssss Jan & Maryonne

  5. Hey Willem,

    Fijn om te lezen dat je goed bent aangekomen! Ik ga je zeker volgen! Zet hem op!

    Lots of hugs,